2017 Land Rover Discovery Sports SE Specification and Features


    Land Rover Discovery Sports has launched the new generation of SE sports in India. This model brings forth attention on proper transmission power, and that takes nine-speed transmission gearbox. However, the high-end results take with luxury sedan cars which are simpler when compared with another one. It looks like an SUV, but the design makes JLR model, and user pays attention to buying it eagerly. When comes to interiors and exteriors, it provides the sleek look that creates according to the user attention. As per the accommodation, the seating capacity consists of 7 passengers to seat along with luggage as well.


    This new brand car redefines the stylish look that makes the proper SUV resemble it quickly. However, it’s edges with company portfolio, which makes much easier to ride without any hassle. It has a radiator grille with two slats and projector lamps with LED power high beam lights. On the other hand, the A and C pillars install in the body color takes the distinctive look when riding it. With the 18-inch alloy wheels, this new model stands with the best design control for better wheel alignment. Also, the ground clearance is adjusted to the right height which not give hassle one when riding on bumpy roads.


    When coming to the interior side, this new model looks simple and builds high-quality design forever. It has eye-soothing dual tone color scheme in the interior look. Its dashboard is layered with the second side slides to open and close it quickly. Luckily, the steering wheels are precisely designed with three spokes and with mounted control switches. It is also decorated with brushed metallic accents to use for smooth riding one. There is a wide range of options available which let the owners choose the desired color schemes and veneers. Also, the comfort is the primary vision in this new model that is featured with Air conditioning, rear windscreen, global lock facility, lighting packages, and others. However, the Land Rover Discovery SE has fabulous aspects like cruise control, two zone climate control unit, load space cover, and other useful factors forever. With the more innovative elements, the new brand gained much attention on the customer’s side to buy and use for a better riding purpose.

    Engine and Performance

    It is an essential component in this new model car which has the total displacement capacity of 2179cc. Its new TDS editions will generate a peak power of 147.5bhp to yield the torque output of 400Nm. It turns out a maximum power by using the 420Nm to 1750Nm torque level. This motor carries out four cylinders, 16 valves, and it is based on the double overhead camshaft valve configuration. It is coupled with nine-speed automatic transmission box that reduces the hassle function of the engine. When comes to mileage, it gives the maximum mileage of 12.97kmpl if it is a petrol engine model. Other than this, the diesel engine TDS provides the same amount of mileage with little adjustment.

    Braking and handling

    In this new model, the brakes and handling have been provided with excellent performance forever. However, this is undoubtedly equipped with the anti-lock braking system which is supported for mechanism level. With the dynamic and roll stability control, it ensures the correct response and enables the right driver capacity to function effortlessly. So, this is exclusively termed with better braking and handling system which provides better security system forever.

    Safety and security

    This new model car has total seven airbags, which are offered along with the cut off switch to the passenger airbag. Also, the seat belts are available for the passengers to get a safe and secure travel. It gives maximum stability for the owners to drive a car with boosting and braking system altogether in the single rollover. It is offering 18-inch wheels for all the trims and brings the sporty look to its side profile. The entire rims are designed with high performance tubeless and spots with excellent grip on all roads.


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