Aashiqui 2 Movie Review

Aashiqui 2 movie was produced by Mukesh Bhatt , Bhushan Kumar and Krishan Kumar  under the label of Supper Cassettes Indusrites Ltd.  as well as Vishesh Films. The movie has been released on 26th Aprils 2013. Let’s check out the movie review.

Story of the Movie

Aashiqui 2 movie is a story of a Pop singer Rahul (RJ). Rahul was going as alcoholic and was facing his life having downfall. Rahul is good at heart but his alcoholic nature ruins his career.


One day he meets with a girl who changed the life of him. The girl’s name is Arohi Shirke (Role played by Sharaddha Kapoor). Arohi is a singer in a local bar and fully dedicated towards the music and the singing. After hearing her voice, Rahul gets impressed by her.

He invited her to Mumbai to  launch her as a singer. She accepts it and becomes a well established and famous singer. After the time, both fall in love with each other . As the RJ Rahul was an alcoholic and has to avoid and get rid of the drinking habit. The all story revolves around this.

 Casts and Screen Play

The story of the movie is very similar to the older film stories. In spite of this Aashiqui 2 movie was able to present itself by its own style and twists. The movie doesn’t have  any complication or any confusing point. The story is very simple and straight. Every movie of  Mahesh Bhatt carries the three points , Good  performance, great hitting scenes and the music.

Also In the Movie Aashiqui 2 , one can find all these three qualities. The  music of the movie has already created an immense among the audience.


Aditya Roy Kapoor  has played a role for Rahul/RJ and Shraddha Kapoor is appearing as Arohi Shirke in the movie. The movie consists of scenes like, they meet at a local bar , Rahul invites Arohi for Mumbai, Rahul’s frustration in the party , Arohi crying at residence, Rahul opts again for drinking and the final chapter comes.


The Music for  the movie Aashiqui 2 has made an outstanding and heart touching attempt. The songs of classical movie Aashiqui had re-established the melody. Today the songs of the movie are as live as they were in their time. Aashiqui 2 has also created the same but in its own way.

The Songs , Tum Hi Ho,  Hum Marjaaynge, Sun Raha Hai and Piya Aaye Na  are just mind blowing songs and will last long with your every moment. You can feel the pain of love in these songs.  Thanks to the lyricist for giving  the brilliant lyrics for the movie songs.


The Leading Actor Aaditya Roy Kapoor  (as Rahul) was previously seen in Guzaarish movie and impressed everyone. But also in the movie Action Replay it was equally worst. [Can’t Express it ;)]. But in Aashiqui 2 Aaditya has given a mind blowing and rocking performance. The facial expression is according to the situation.

While Sharaddha Kapoor looks very cute and beautiful in the movie. Her acting has added a depth to the movie. Both of these has created a great chemistry. People have called them as the most romantic couple.


Should I watch this movie ? The movie has nothing new as it is the older Aashiqui. But there is nothing that will disappoint you. You can watch the movie if you want to check out  Mahesh Bhatt’s creations. The movie is a musical love story . And the music of the movie has already created an impact on people.

The targeted audience (Teenagers) might like the movie. Because they think it’s as old as classical movie. Though who loves the matured love stories , must watch this movie. 



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