10+ Car Buying Tips for first time Car Buyers

Absolute Tips before buying a new car first time.These car buying tips entirely designed to make a well-informed decision, while you are going to buy your car first time in your life.

car buying guide for first time car buyers

Are you planning to buy a spanking new car for the first time? You may get too much excited and confident as your dream of buying a brand new car is going to come true. But after the first round of excitement and accomplishment of becoming a new car owner, there comes lots of confusion and tons of questions in your mind as buying a car is something different from buying other commodities’. So you need well-researched tips for first time car buyers before you step into a car showroom for the first time.

However, the experience of buying a car for the first time may be the most pleasant one if you update yourself with a few valuable tips for first time car buyers before you find yourself in front of any car dealer’s missile like questions. Though, we all have to face it, at any point in our life if we let the things go out from our custody. So paying heed to this piece of article which will explain you first-time car buying guide tips, you can save your valuable time, money and the most important thing is that you will get the best deal without any stress.
Top 13 Car buying guide for the new buyers:

This car buying guide entirely designed to make a well-informed decision, while you are going for that big purchase for the first time in your life.

Ask Yourself Whether You Really Need A Brand New Car?

A brand new car is a dream that you want to fulfill. But before that prepare yourself whether you need a new car or you can meet up to your dream with a used 2nd hand car! Apparently, a new car loses almost its glow and glitter in the first three years, and there is a huge difference between a used and a brand new car. As you are the first time buyer so there are plenty of ways you can reduce your investment.

Collect Information

When you are prepared with your mind to buy a car, the first and foremost thing you should do is to do your own research. So collect as much information regarding the models you intend to buy as you can. Go through online AUTO TRADER’s WEBSITE, USER REPORTS and compare the price range.

Some Basic Guideline For The New Buyers

Once you have decided to buy a new car, you must follow up with some basic information related to car buying as you are a new buyer. Car buying is not that you just pay and drive the car at home like other goods. So go through first-time car buying guide. There are many branches of expenditure like maintenance cost, servicing costs, road tax, NCT testing, fuel cost. The list also includes driver remuneration (in case you hire a Driver) and Garage fare (If you have no space accommodation).

Choose Thebes Time To Invest

You may wonder that, is there really any particular time to buy a new car! Yes, there are few special times in a whole financial year when your investment for the car is the best. The end of December when there is a huge gift purchasing time, leaving the car dealers to cut prices to maintain year and sale record. Another good time is from July to October as the car dealers have to sell off cars at a minimum price to clear space for the new models in their showroom.

Select According To Your Need

The first important thing for the new car buyer is to select the perfect Car according to his/her need. You should keep in mind some vital facts like—

  • How you will use the car—Occasionally or for daily use or any commercial purpose.
  •  How big is your family?
  • What mileage you have to travel if you use it for daily purpose.
    If you are buying the car for occasional short journeys, then you can meet up you need with a smaller engine.

Apart from this, for the kind information of the new car buyers about which engine is more suitable—petrol or diesel, I would say that if you have a high mileage need, you must choose a diesel engine car for fuel economy.

Know Your Maximum Limit

One of the major points to be noted in the series of Guides for the new car buyers is to know your own limit or how much you can spend to buy a new car. So before investing satisfy yourself with the price you would have to pay and make sure about—

  • Take some time to negotiate and know the offer well.
  • You must know the Cost of changing.
  • Mark your price limit —maximizing how much you want to spend.

Mode Of Payment

The mode of payment is an important factor as far as new car buying guides concern. Set your mind first how you want to pay—in cash, by draft or cheque. In the case of cash payment you may have no records or contacts with the dealer after the purchase, but in case you are paying through bank draft or cheque to seller’s name, it creates a paper document, which you may need afterward.

Arrange The Loan

Nowadays it’s quite natural to obtain the car loan from any financial institution. There are also two options, one is hiring-purchase, and the other is a lease. But in each case, you have to pay the debt in time to enjoy the full ownership of your car; in case you failed you may have to pay penalties.

Know Your Legal Rights While Buying A New Car For The First Time

One solid tip for the first time car buyers is to know the legal rights before you purchase a car. You should be aware that each consumer comes under the consumer protection act by consumer legislation so that they can take any legal steps if their rights are not upheld properly. The seller is bound by law to sell you the car in a roadworthy condition. If the seller failed to do that, it would be taken as a serious offense act under the sale of goods and supply of service e act 1980 to sell a car to a consumer which is not safe for the buyers and other road users.

What Documents The Seller Will Give You

A new car buyer must have the knowledge of the documents that he/she will get on purchasing the car. The documents should include:
* The relevant documents regarding the registration.
* The written warranty papers and car book.
* All the keys of the car. In the case of the new car, the buyer will get two sets of keys.
* The payment receipt signed, but the seller.

Take A Test Drive

Take a test drive on your familiar road before you finalize your purchase. Check the car on roads in the night and in a congested area so you can understand how smooth the car would go on bumpy roads and also you can know the emergency break in a heavy traffic area.

Always Go For User’s Opinion

Last but not the least in the series of golden tips for new car buyers is always asking around about the car you intend to buy. It’s always better to take the advice of the same car user as they can explain you with practical, positive and negative sides of that particular car. The car dealer will always keep you on the dark side as they will never highlight the negative points. So always go for the second opinion before investing.

So, friends, these are some of the golden tips for a new car buyer. So set up your mind for the best deal and never hesitate to walk away from the dealer if he refuses to answer any of your fundamental questions and never buy on the first visit. Take the help of some expert mechanic of your own to check some important matters like the car’s condition, VIN numbers (vehicles identification number), etc.. Wish all the new car buyers a happy and hassle free experience of first-time car buying with this first-time car buying guide.



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