Gippi Movie Review – The sweet Story of A Teenage Girl

Gippi movie Review

Gippi movie is a story of a teenager girl in her adolescence days. A school girl spending the worst phase of the life. She looks fat and less intelligent. The movie is inspired from the old movies, Kitaab and Rockford which were based on the story of teenage boys. This time  the movie Gippi has the same story but has different characteristics. Now here is a teenager girl who is non performing at the school and always finds herself as a looser.

Gippi movie Review
Gippi Movie Review

The movie Kitaab  (1977) was a small film by Guljar which was a story of a teenage boy in the school.  Also in 199 Nagesh kukunoor brought  the movie Rockford, A teenager’s life in the hostel. At that time these movie created an adventure in the children and teenagers (Specially from the school ). Now we have again suck kind of movie Gippi. This is a story of a school girl Gurmeent.


Grumeent / Gippi is school goer and lives with her mother and  her younger brother Booboo. She  makes fight often with her brother on little things. And the fight scenes in the movie between the sister and brother seems very sweet and cute moments.

One day Arjun meets her and Gippi think her change going to be changed. Unfortunately there were no things that would work as Gippi thinks. The all story revolves about her.


The story of the movie is very sweet as simple. The film is about a  fat girl in the school. Though there are no  such scenes in the movie where it created interesting moments. But the movie will give you the full doses of sweetness. That’s the thing which will make the movie special itself among teenagers.

Gippi movie Review

There are some scenes in which  Gippi fights with her brother over the smell. She understands the sadness of her mother. Gippi got a new friend , patch up with Anchal etc.  are some awesome moments in the movie.

This movie has a slower flow. The durations of the movie is about 2 hours. But due to slower flow the movie seems to be lengthier. The climax of the movie seems to be like the recent movie “ Student of the year.”


The music for the movie has been given by Vshal Shekhar. Mann Baavra is considered as the best song of the movie. After that the song Baby Doll , Dil kaagzi are also good. While the song Phen DI Takki and We are like this only doesn’t sound as good as other songs.

Sonam Nair has given the direction to the movie. She was also with the films like wake up side and 7 Khoon maaf. As a result we can expect something good from this movie.


The role for Gippi (Gurmeent) had been given to Riya Vij. She looks cute and did her part with a great confidence. Divya Datta as the mother of Gippi also did good in the supporting role. Taaha Shah has been shown dashing in the movie.

Jayati modi has been as a negative role in the movie. Mrinal Chawla provided  good support


The film on an overall basis looks as a sweet movie. But the movie has the predictable scenes in the movie , that caused it to put a good mark for it. Though the movie is one time watch movie. If you like to have some doses of sweetness then you must watch it.


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