Happy Birthday Quotes, Birthday Cards & Wishes

Happy Birthday Cards, Happy Birthday Quotes Cards

Happy Birthday Quotes, Saying, Birthday Cards, Greetings are here. Check these Happy Birthday Cards & Birthday Quotes to wish Happy Birthday to your loved one.

The Birthday of any person is considered as the day which comes once in a year and celebrated as the anniversary of the birth of the person. In various cultures, people celebrate some days  as the birthday of their founders as well.

The birthday in modern culture is usually celebrated with a party, Gifts, and chocolates, etc.

The internet world has provided a facility to wish our dear ones which are far away from us and we want to send the Birthday wishes to them.

Well, there are many Happy Birthday Quotes and Birthday Cards are available that we can use to send birthday wishes to our friends. Relatives, loved ones.

People has myths about the Birthday and Birth date. However, the both of these terms hold a great difference for each other, The birthday occurs once a year, while the Birth Date is when the birthday is celebrated, mean when the person was born.

Below are some Happy Birthday Quotes that you can use to wish anyone on the web.

Happy Birthday Quotes, Saying & Wishes

May your birthday and every day be filled with the warmth of sunshine,
The happiness of smiles, the sounds of laughter,
The feeling of love and the sharing of good cheer.


I hope you have a wonderful day and
That’s the year ahead is filled with much love,
Many wonderful surprises and gives you lasting memories
That you will cherish in all the days ahead.
Happy Birthday…!


On this special day,
I wish you all the very best,
All the joy you can ever have and
May you be blessed abundantly today,
Tomorrow and the days to come!
May you have a fantastic birthday and
Many more to come… HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!


They say that you can count
Your true friends on 1 hand,
 But not the candles on your birthday cake!

Happy Birthday Cards, Greetings

Happy Birthday Cards, Happy Birthday Quotes Cards

Happy Birthday Cards, Happy Birthday Quotes Cards

Happy Birthday Cards, Happy Birthday Quotes Cards

Share these Happy Birthday Quotes and Birthday Cards with your friends and wish them a very Happy Birthday this year.


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