The New Honda Brio Price and Engine Specifications

Honda has unveiled a new variant of its Brio. In the new variant of the Brio, the new driver seat height adjuster has been added. Also the there is the new rear windshield defogger equipped with it.

Honda has introduced the six color variants for the Brio. The new model is priced from Rs. 4.12 lakh to Rs. 6.13 lakh. An additional amount of Rs. 3,500 will be charged for the metalic variant of the Brio.

According to the company the new variant with the upgrades are more convenient and comfortable. That will make the feel of pleasurable while driving the new car.


Honda Brio Engine Specifications

The new Brio has been equipped with a 1.2-litre I-VTEC  four cylinder petrol engine. Honda has also claimed that the engine will give a mileage of 19.4 kmpl in the  manual transmission. While for the automatic transmission it gives about 16.5kmpl.

Brio is going to be a very significant model for Indian customer. The car had added about 32,000 customers in the last year. The new variant of Honda Brio has been equipped with more comfort and convenience upgrades .

Price for the new Variants

Honda has released six different variants for the Brio. The cost for the new car ranges from Rs. 4.12 lakh to Rs. 6.13 lakh. All the variants are free of any extra cost, but for the metallic variants , customers will have to pay Rs. 3500 more .


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