Mahabharat 2013 TV Series on Star Plus

Mahabharat 2013 TV series Star Casts, TIming ,Wallapers

Mahabharat 2013 TV Series on Star Plus : Mahabharat is a well known Hindu Epic and the TV Series Mahabharat is based on the same.  It was aired first on the DD National channel  from October 1988 to June 1990.

The first series was produced by B.R. Chopra and directed by Ravi Chopra. The series was containing a total of 94 episodes. Each of the episodes run around for 45 minutes.

The older Mahabharat TV series when aired in the United Kingdom its got the 5  figure audiences for the it. The total cost of production of this series was about 1.4 millions US dollar.

This series was aired on the Sunday within a time slot of 9.30 to 10.30 and whenever it was broadcast, the public place got crowded that time.

Mahabharat 2013 TV series Star Casts, TIming ,Wallapers

Now again, Star Plus is bringing back the story to their fans. This time the New Mahabharat 2013 series is produced by Swastic Pictures. This time actors like Shaheer Sheikh, Pooja Sharma, Saurabh Raj Jain are featured in the lead role.

Mahabharat Serial Plot

It is the story of the throne of Hastinapura,  a kingdom rules by Kuru Clan. There are two branches of the family called as Kaurava and Pandava.

These two families participate in the struggle to get the throne. The  Kaurava was the senior branch of the family. However, the eldest Kaurav, called as Duryodhna is younger than the eldest Pandva called as Yudhisthira.

Both of these claims in the first in the line for the throne. The struggle from both sides results in a great war of Kurukshetra.


The producer of the series had the creative association with the following –

  • Writer  -Salim Khan
  • Designer – Bhanu Athaiya
  • Author – Devdutt Pattanaik
  • Music Director – Ajay –Atul and Ismail Darbar
  • Director- Ram Shetty
  • Set designer – Omang Kumar

The new show of this series has gained much TRP by its promise as it holds the similarity to the great epic and actors like Arav and Ratan have received the positive criticism.

In this written update of Mahabharat 2013 TV series we are providing common things that everyone wants to know about it. These are –

Mahabharat  ( 2013 ) Star Casts Details

The above post link contains the information of all the Star Casts details of the New Series of Mahabharat which has been produced by Swastic Pictures.

Mahabharat TV Series Timings/ Schedule

The series was started from 16th september 2013 and is aired every night  at 8.30 PM only on the Star Plus channel.

Mahabharat 2013 TV series-timing

Mahabharat Serial Wallpapers

Collect the wallpapers of Mahabharat Serial from this post.

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