One Year Completed by LIFE TUNNELS

one year Completed by life tunnels

Today has completed its one year. Exactly one year before [5th May 2012] I purchased this domain with the help of my friend Sonu Kumar.  Before that I was using Blogger  (Blogspot) platform and having a blog just for fun.

But when I purchased a TLD (Top Level Domain) and hosting  I became curious about the web and started learning . But How a newbie can learn it without any guidelines. I didn’t have the proper guideline but Google was there to help me.

one year Completed by life tunnels

I have done a lot of searches to learn the WordPress. Though before purchasing the domain, I knew a little about the WordPress Platform. So it was not so difficult to start with it. I was again in touch with it. [Once I had tried the platform on a site of my friend’s friend ;)]

And after that I became curious with it. Even when there were exams of my final semester, most of the time I had spent on the Internet.

As the time passed, I gained a lot of thing and today I am still learning. was not in action since last three months.  It was having the Blogging related stuff and now I have shifted the all technical stuff to a different address [Neo Blog Writer].

Now Today I am re-starting it with a Rebranding, Premium Webhosting, Premium WordPress theme and some premium knowledge too.  In the duration of this one year I got many Blogger friends who from whom I have learnt many valuable things and some also teaching some of my new friends ).

Some of Blogger circle friends are Sahil Garg, Davinder Yadav,  Atish Ranjan, Sugandha Agarwal , Nirmala Santhakumar  [Actually there is a huge list :D, but these are very close to the heart J ]. Recently me and  my junior friend Rajesh Jhamb established Gadget oriented Blog named as Gadgetalks. The admins [they are 3 ] of that blog are really hard working and performing well as a newbie.

Now I am planing to make it an Entertainment website . And as the name is LIFE TUNNELS , so the content will be related to the keyword.

Hope this time LIFE TUNNELS will rock more than before ;). Currently LifeTunnels is owning Page Rank 1

Thanks for reading this little story. Kindly Share it.


  1. Hey Ravi,
    I glad to know that you started lifetunnnels again. Best of luck for this new blog. BTW when you are giving me party for his birthday 😉 .

    • Hmmm. I am glad too :). You will be having a party if You will come to Lifetunnels’s work place 😉

      By the way thanks for landing here and leaving comment 😀

  2. Congratulations Ravi for completing the very first year of your blogging. I wish you complete so many years successfully.
    And Thank You Very Much For The Very Kind Mention.

    • Thanks Atish bhai… When I came in contact with you , The Blogging life just took a turn and I got into a right train because of you.
      I wish I always get you arround me 😉

      Thanks for wishing 🙂

  3. Heya Ravi,
    First of all very very Congratulations and same time really sorry for the late wishes. 🙂
    I wish you all the Good Luck and Success ahead
    Thanks for mentioning my name as a close friend of yours.! 😉

    waise, achha kiya khud likh diya nai toh pitayi padhti 😛 😀 lolz #kidding

    Sugandha! 🙂


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