Things To Take Care During PREGNANCY


Congratulation!  Once you confirmed your pregnancy, you are going to hear this word from everyone. Yes, pregnancy in a woman’s life is such an incident, which brings endless joy and fear at the same time. It is perhaps the most beautiful, yet risky stage of a woman’s life.  The long-term changes in body and mind, the growing bump, mental anxiety and the emotional reaction—all these things matter a lot during that period. Every would be mum should know that pregnancy could take its toll, both mentally and physically. But don’t worry! You can enjoy your pregnancy if you follow certain rules during these days. So here we go…

Usually, we divide the entire pregnancy into three parts

  1. Conception to 12 weeks—1st trimester.
  2. 12 weeks to 28 weeks—2nd trimester.
  3. 29th week to birth—3rd trimester.

During this period a pregnant lady will experience various changes from day to day. Such as

  • Changes in weight
  • Frequent urination
  • Vomiting tendency
  • Changes in body shape
  • Changes in hormone level
  • Changes in sexual desire

So keeping all these changes in mind, a woman who is expecting has to come up with the changing situation. The more she will make space for the changes and accommodate herself with the changing situation, the less she will feel under pressure, and she can easily accustom with the discomforts both physically and mentally. Here are some Major facts she has to take care of-

Consult a Physician

Consult a good physician to ensure a well-guided pregnancy and delivery who will give you the necessary advice about medical tests and Parental care.

Follow a Healthy Diet

Diet is the most vital part of a healthy pregnancy. A healthy diet during pregnancy provides the essential nourishment and nutrients, to the baby inside the womb and thus he/she could grow properly in the coming weeks. A pregnant lady should include the following things into her diet: She has to take the following things either in the form of food or Supplements.

  • Folic acid
  • Calcium
  • Iron
  • Vitamins and Minerals
  • Carbohydrates
  • Proteins
  • Dairy Products
  • Plenty of fluids

During pregnancy, it is advisable to avoid any kinds of alcohol, Junk foods, spicy foods and last but not the least she should avoid smoking.

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Don’t Give up Exercise

If you are doing exercise, like yoga or swimming, our advice is, not to discontinue it. Talk to your instructor, and he/she will give you proper guidance about the type of exercise that could be done in pregnancy. Some light free hand exercise will always enhance your energy and refresh your mind in this time. Swimming is a great help. Exercise will help to reduce the pain and increase your tolerance power. There are some Yoga postures that ensures normal delivery if practiced correctly. Do some pelvic or floor exercise to avoid stiffness.

Stay Cheerful and Take Adequate Rest

Who Does not know that a cheerful mind helps us to endure every adversity easily. Don’t overstress your mind and body. Listen to music and read good books for time pass. You can watch funny movies that will make smile.Take adequate rest and make sure you Sleep at least 8 hours at night.

Wear Comfortable Dress and Shoes

Never use high heel shoes and often try to put up your legs, to avoid swelling. Wear loose-fitting cotton clothes.

Make Up Your Mind

As your delivery time is proceeding ahead, you may get nervous or tensed.  Stay relaxed and confident. Pass your quality time with family members who can help you to overcome the situation.

Control Your Emotions

In pregnancy often you can feel low, being separated from your daily life, you may feel alone. Though mood swing is normal, but never indulges such thoughts. You must keep in mind you are going to get a beautiful gift from God, which is more precious than everything.

Keep In Touch with Your Health Provider

Always take advice from your Doctor and do all the necessary medical tests as per advice. Check your blood pressure, temperature, blood sugar and hemoglobin level often.

Stick To Your Routine

Adhere to your daily routine during pregnancy. Eat five or six meals that consist of enough green veggies and fruits. Don’t skip breakfast and medicines prescribed by the Dr to take during pregnancy.

So we hope these tips will help you to stay fit and healthy during pregnancy. Keep in mind that pregnancy is not an illness; it is a stage of transforming yourself into motherhood. Enjoy your pregnancy.


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