Volkswagen Polo GT will be Launched on April 29

The German Auto Company, Volkswagen  is going to launch the Volkswagen Polo GT  ( Hot-Hatch Polo 1.2 TSI ) on the 29th April. This new Polo GT will be a replacement of the Polo 1.6 litre TSI.

The basic reason of being called as Hot-hatch is that beside housing the 1.2- litre engine, it has the capacity of giving out the maximum of 105bhp. That makes it as powerful as the discontinues 1.6-litre TSI version.


The credit goes to the turbocharger and the direct injection. The 1.6 TSI version was not continued due to the more responsibility it had to bear. That was making the car more costlier than the usual. Now Polo GT  customer will enjoy the tax because of having the 1.2-litre mill.

The Polog GT will output the high class figures. It will accelerate up to 100kmph in just 9.7 seconds with its speed of 190kmph.



Talking about the price of the Volkswagen Polo GT. We can expect it to be around Rs 80,000-1 lakh more than the usual 1.2 TSI version. But it will lesser than the 1.6 TSI variant.

We have only this information about the Polo GT. Stay tuned for more information about it.


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